Writing Services

I want to help you produce top-notch healthcare content designed to be read by the healthcare consumer.


  • Articles and blog posts: original and well-researched content that is tailored to your subject, keyword, word-count, and sources (if any)
  • Rewriting of existing content: need a fresh take on an existing text? I will help edit or revamp in order to better serve your target audience
  • Transcription: need help transcribing an audio or video file with complicated medical terminology? I can get the job done!

Have something else in mind related to health and medical content? Let’s discuss.

Why hire a nurse writer?

With my experience as a nurse practitioner and nurse, I have a unique perspective on the healthcare system. Also, I am quite comfortable with appraising research studies and other medical source material. You can trust that my writing and tone will inform your reader without sounding condescending.

Check out my writing samples on my health and wellness blog.

I very much look forward to working with you! Send me a message to get started.